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CA Specialities, Ltd. began in 1987 as an extension of the direct sales force of select chemical companies. With a focus on Cosmetic, Household, and Industrial manufacturers in the southeastern US, we provided our customers with sales and technical support. Using our sales staff of university degreed scientists with their industry experience, we provide the best technical support available to our customers.

We soon outgrew our Charlotte office and moved to a larger site in Chester, SC in 1993. We began warehousing and custom blending in 1995. By 1999, we expanded our operations to become a full stocking distributor with the purchase a new larger site.

CA Specialities continues to support our growth, through improvements and investment in Supply Chain Business Systems. We continue to offer the best technical support available to our customers and recruit our sales force from degreed scientists with industry experience to create a true technical product sales team.